10 Poker Tips NL Holdem 

10 Poker Tips NL Hold’em


I have been playing poker games in cash, tournaments, and online for several years. Having played with many hands, I have compiled a list of important tips that all players should look out for:

  • Never play with money you can’t afford to lose – before you sit down this should be the first thing on your mind. If you can’t afford to lose, don’t play. You’re not going to be focused enough, or aggressive enough to play the game you need to play to win. Why? Because you will be too afraid to lose that money.
  • Don’t play too many hands – Hand selection is the most important pre-flop factor. Try to make that premium starting hand win for you. The better the cards you play earlier, the more confident you are. Have you ever seen a man who risked everything? Approximately three hands he is the head of the chip, one hand then he is on his way home. Don’t be a player like that.
  • Don’t just call – In some circumstances you’re just calling. If you don’t bet, or raise the price, you’ll most likely have to fold.
  • Stop trying to bluff – Against a strong group of players, bluffing is an important skill that must be utilized. However, at low limit stakes and most the odds there is someone waiting to catch the bluffer. I can’t count how many times to fold. With that type of action, competition can’t work. Remember low limit bets, freerolls and others.
  • Don’t insult your opponent – Don’t underestimate the capabilities of other players because everyone has their own advantages. In Poker Games it is not easy to predict who is the best but try to keep your own card.
  • Avoid large pots – easily get into large POT. However, I’m not going to be the guy who lost his entire bankroll with a top partner. AA is a pre-flop card so you want to put your money in pot. After the failure the player will make his money. Try to avoid large pots unless you have a card at every level of the game. For example, you handled Kd Qd and failed to show up on Ads 5d 8d. Now you have the best card. You have to bet, you can even get this re-raise is the perfect scenario.

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  • Dissoyst is your worst enemy – you will experience breastfeeding, bad beats, lucky defeats, and everything between them. That’s a real Poker Gambling game. The way you react is what will separate you from the fish or from your bankroll. Tilt is the easiest way to lose everything. You usually feel it after sucking or losing a big pot. My advice is to take a break. Trying to get back what you just lost is a recipe for ruin. Everyone else you play with is also aware of it. They bleed out and you’re the main course. Don’t put your money or chips.
  • Play your position – This is easy to call but hard to do. Those premium starting hands look pretty, but in early position play with caution. It’s easier for men to call a raise after someone else calls because it’s most likely. Play strong starting hands aggressively in later positions but be careful in previous positions. Just because there are so many people behind you, and after failure you will be the first to act that makes you unprofitable.
    Note – Even if you’re not involved with your hand, pay attention to what’s going on. This will give you valuable information about the player. Pay attention to how your competition plays out, his attitude, his tone of voice.
  • Be a brilliant poker player – being a man is more valuable than his weight in gold. No one likes loud noises, or annoying individuals. When you’re trying to win, you don’t want to be a target. Writing insults in chat boxes is childish and ridiculous. If you are playing live, can tell the dealer. Try to be a respected winner. Don’t insult the person you just beat. Play your game in a way like a real man or a professional player and you will see the rewards immediately.

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This list is not a handbook to win at NL Holdem. However, this is the beginning to get you on your way. Taking into account these simple tips, you will get a fun poker experience.

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