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Sic Bo Dragons Game Review (Wazdan): 4-Dice Mega Win

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Sic Bo Dragons is the latest version of the Sic Bo game by Wazdan. This contains elements of the original game, which originated in ancient China, and adds new aspects such as four dice instead of three. As a result, the latest version gives players six more chances to win. Besides, the game has a lucky dragon. Like the Chinese believe, dragons give multipliers their X1240 mega-winnings.


Wazdan did a great job collecting Sic Bo Dragons. For that reason, every player gets joy when the game is launched. Let’s take a look in detail at each of the amazing features in it.

Themes and Graphics

The game has a unique oriental theme with a multicoloured background. Two majestic dragons standing on both sides of the table represent aspects of luck, good luck, and the ultimate prize. The interface contains interesting graphics and similarly interesting background audio effects.

Changing a Table of Colors

The game interface comes in three different colors; green, red, and blue. Players can switch between each color before the game starts for a personal feeling at each round.

3 Speed Mode

The game allows the user to set the game speed. According to the player who tested the game, Ultra Speed mode is the most interesting. You can arrange the game in this mode using the cheetah icon on the screen.

Mobile Optimization

Sic Bo Dragons performed well on all devices, including mobile. Accordingly, the table size is adjusted according to the screen orientation. Therefore, players can enjoy the game with their devices held vertically and horizontally.

Supported languages

When creating games, developers target players all over the world. The game supports the most spoken languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Betting Options

Players use four dice while playing Sic Bo Dragon. As a ripple effect, the game has additional betting options. In total, players can place one of the following six bets:

  • Double bet: the player bets that two specific numbers will be shown when all three dice stop. Bets pay off in a ratio of 7: 1
  • Bet Amount: You can bet on the amount of numbers you expect to show on three dice. This bet yields a ratio of 7:1 at least and a maximum of 69:1.
  • Small and Big Bets: Small bets win if the total result on three dice is less than or equal to 10. Big bet wins if the third number of dice exceeds 10. Both payout bets in a ratio of 2: 1
  • Pair: The player wins this bet if two dice show the same number and pay a ratio of 13:1
  • Three and Four-of-a-Kind: The third type predicts a specific number indicated on three dice and pays a ratio of 205:1. A four-of-a-kind bet predicts a specific number indicated on the four dice and pays a ratio of 1240:1.
  • Gamble Bet – Gambling betting feature allows winners to bet their winnings for double payments if they’re lucky. You can choose a gambling feature bet or release it after each win.


Sic Bo Dragons of Wazdan is a creative remake of the traditional game Sic Bo. Additional betting options make the game more attractive, and raising gambling bets allows you to increase betting. Try games at any online casino that cooperates with Wazdan.

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