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Sic Bo Dragons Game Review (Wazdan): 4-Dice Mega Win

sic bo

Sic Bo Dragons is the latest version of the Sic Bo game by Wazdan. This contains elements of the original game, which originated in ancient China, and adds new aspects such as four dice instead of three. As a result, the latest version gives players six more chances to win. Besides, the game has a lucky dragon. Like the Chinese believe, dragons give multipliers their X1240 mega-winnings.


Wazdan did a great job collecting Sic Bo Dragons. For that reason, every player gets joy when the game is launched. Let’s take a look in detail at each of the amazing features in it.

Themes and Graphics

The game has a unique oriental theme with a multicoloured background. Two majestic dragons standing on both sides of the table represent aspects of luck, good luck, and the ultimate prize. The interface contains interesting graphics and similarly interesting background audio effects.

Changing a Table of Colors

The game interface comes in three different colors; green, red, and blue. Players can switch between each color before the game starts for a personal feeling at each round.

3 Speed Mode

The game allows the user to set the game speed. According to the player who tested the game, Ultra Speed mode is the most interesting. You can arrange the game in this mode using the cheetah icon on the screen.

Mobile Optimization

Sic Bo Dragons performed well on all devices, including mobile. Accordingly, the table size is adjusted according to the screen orientation. Therefore, players can enjoy the game with their devices held vertically and horizontally.

Supported languages

When creating games, developers target players all over the world. The game supports the most spoken languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Betting Options

Players use four dice while playing Sic Bo Dragon. As a ripple effect, the game has additional betting options. In total, players can place one of the following six bets:

  • Double bet: the player bets that two specific numbers will be shown when all three dice stop. Bets pay off in a ratio of 7: 1
  • Bet Amount: You can bet on the amount of numbers you expect to show on three dice. This bet yields a ratio of 7:1 at least and a maximum of 69:1.
  • Small and Big Bets: Small bets win if the total result on three dice is less than or equal to 10. Big bet wins if the third number of dice exceeds 10. Both payout bets in a ratio of 2: 1
  • Pair: The player wins this bet if two dice show the same number and pay a ratio of 13:1
  • Three and Four-of-a-Kind: The third type predicts a specific number indicated on three dice and pays a ratio of 205:1. A four-of-a-kind bet predicts a specific number indicated on the four dice and pays a ratio of 1240:1.
  • Gamble Bet – Gambling betting feature allows winners to bet their winnings for double payments if they’re lucky. You can choose a gambling feature bet or release it after each win.


Sic Bo Dragons of Wazdan is a creative remake of the traditional game Sic Bo. Additional betting options make the game more attractive, and raising gambling bets allows you to increase betting. Try games at any online casino that cooperates with Wazdan.

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New Online Slot Games 2021 | AFB Cash Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

New Online Slot Games

online slot

Lover slot games are an option because of the many slots available that offer players exciting opportunities to win large sums of money or get jackpot prizes. The game is available on PC, mobile phones, and Mac devices, making it easy for players to play new casino slot games.

Leading slot game providers, such as Micro Games, NetEnt, TTG, and Bensoft, are designing new casino slot game machines to suit the tastes of every casino enthusiast. The game combines innovative themes and formats, making it exciting and thrilling when playing new casino slots online. With new games being launched every month, there’s a lot to try.

New Online Slot Theme

Online casinos have used a new approach to how they offer their games, where they now focus on the needs and fantasies of players. By providing a very rich gaming experience, players can enjoy a wide variety of new types of casino slot games, from ancient Greek preparations to Alien preparations.

New online casino slots have something for everyone, no matter the interests, including themes, movies, sports, animals, and music. Technological advancements have helped leading game manufacturers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play N Go, and next Generation, to develop new quality online slot games, in terms of graphics, voice, and visual effects, making the experience worthwhile.

Latest Slot Machine Features

Previous versions of the slot machine had limited features with three rotation wheels and a maximum of ten symbols on each. If someone is lucky to get a combination, they will be given sweets as gifts instead of money, which is why slots have fruit symbols and bars.

Online casinos have introduced new casino slot games where players can bet and win real money instead of traditional sweets. The most popular slot games currently have unique features, such as welcome bonuses and player promotions available. With this kind of feature, players have experiences that physical casinos can’t match.

Play for Free or with Real Money

New casino slots give players the opportunity to try out new casino games for free without using real money. This benefits the player, since one can test some of the latest games and identify the most suitable game that fits their game mode and bankroll.

If a player is uncomfortable with a particular theme or game, they can switch to the next game until they feel a big win is almost there. The new online slot game comes with progressive jackpots, which get bigger every time someone plays, to finally manage to get a big prize.

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Introduction of AI in Poker: A New Era of Gambling

Introduction of AI in Poker: A New Era of Gambling


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in many areas of our lives. In the gaming industry, games with predetermined rules such as chess and chess were the first to experience AI technology. Significant advances in the field of AI have recently made systems that beat humans in Texas Hold’em, a game that requires strategy and intuition. This article will introduce you to a new era of gambling in poker through the use of AI.

Why Is AI Learning to Play Poker a Big Deal?

Many moves are required to win in poker. In games like Texas Hold’em, players must expect the opponent’s movements, call the goal, and play with an ever-changing strategy to win. For a long time, AI could only learn games that had predetermined movements. The ability to teach decision-making systems based on intuition and strategy makes researchers very excited. Therefore, this technology can find many uses of outdoor poker.

reliable online casino malaysia

Successful AI Poker Project

The step towards a functioning AI system has started a long time ago. Before the invention of Pluribus, other systems existed. Here is a brief description of each:

  • DeepStack – DeepStack was developed by troops from the University of Alberta in Canada. Through a combination of deep learning algorithms, the system can win in two Texas Hold’em players. According to developers, DeepStack makes decisions based on neural networks. As a proof of concept, the system played 44,852 poker games. The result is ten times the winnings that a professional player expects in a situation like this.
  • Libratus – Two researchers from Carnegie Mellon University joined the effort to build Libratus, a system that can’t be beaten in two-person poker. To demonstrate the ability of this great system, this team presents four experienced players in the 20-day poker tournament. In the end, the AI system increased by $1.8 million of chips.
  • Pluribus – Pluribus is the most successful AI project in poker. It was developed through collaboration efforts from Facebook and researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. The AI system is played in 10,000 poker games where the opponent is 5% of the best poker earnings. On average, the winnings recorded by Pluribus are $480 for every 100 games. Such an admirable streak of wins can only be achieved by very few professional poker players.

Uses for AI in Poker

The above systems give a clear picture of what AI technology can achieve. Skinny poker can become proficient by practicing against AI Systems. That way, they don’t have to lose money by playing trial games and mistakes like in the past.

Applications Outside Poker

The algorithms used by AI systems to beat players in poker can be used to make decisions in other regions. For example, self-driving cars need to make the best decisions of various possibilities in a few moments.

Final Thought

Researchers barely scratched the surface of Artificial Intelligence. The possibilities on the ground are endless. Hopefully, AI systems will learn more games in the future. As you know from the above section, advances in one area open up search techniques that can be used in other areas of our lives.

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8 Signs you are becoming addicted to online casino | Muda88 Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

Are you an online casino lover?

online live casino malaysia

Risking hard-earned money in the hope of winning big at an online casino is a trial of luck; being drunk with betting is the problem. When online gambling becomes unregulated, despite the number of gamblers required, it is called compulsive gambling or gambling disorder. However, gamblers who want to play properly should visit Muda88 & AFBcash for hundreds of trends and win online casino games.

The guide will reveal eight signs that drive a person to bet towards gambling addiction.

1. Hiding the Act

Ideally, gambling with real money is a social activity for some online casino players or sports gamblers. Doing so is exciting because they enjoy sharing their betting experiences with loved ones, even on social networks. However, when a gambler feels the need to hide the act in order not to be judged by others, he needs a wake -up call.

2. Steal money to Gamble

Online casino players may steal money to play, hoping they will win big and pay back. However, gambling online so stealing money to bet is a dangerous sign of addiction.

3. Gamble with Savings / Budget

When gamblers start betting on money they can’t afford to beat is an important sign that players are getting addicted to gambling. In most cases, risking the money that should be in their bank account in the hope of doubling it. Sometimes, money can be set aside for necessities such as food, rent, health care, etc.

4. Betting on Strange Events

There are no betting issues on a number of events, from online casino games to football on TV. The most important thing is to have a little skin in the game to help make good decisions. It’s going to be a problem for gamblers who bet on events they don’t know about. So, gamblers should be careful if they bet on every sporting event.

online casino

5. Play until All the Money Runs Out

If the only time a gambler stops gambling is when all the money runs out, it’s a serious problem. Therefore, the inability of gamblers to quit while they still have money is a clear indication that they have lost control over their lives.

6. During Fun Out

For most gamblers, playing an online casino gives them pleasure. But when the fun is no more, it should cause concern. Just as alcohol and drug addicts increase tolerance for their preferred substances, gambling addicts also increase tolerance for online gambling pleasures. When gambling is no longer pleasant, that is a signal to be careful as the need to bet more will increase.

7. Regret Afterwards

A common habit most addicts do is knowing what they’re doing is wrong but can’t stop doing it. Such bets have feelings of shame, shame, or regret whenever they want to risk an online casino website.

reliable online casino malaysia

8. Feelings of Loss During a Stop Bet

Having a vacancy when a player is not betting is a sign that he is increasingly addicted to gambling. Regardless of the term used, the feeling of being attracted to gambling to avoid being empty is detrimental to mental and physical emotions.


Gamblers will experience at least one of the gambling addicts listed above. In that case, they need to consider addiction and immediately take the right steps.


Advancing Your Winnings while Playing Online Slot Game Malaysia 2021

online slot game malaysia
online slot game malaysia

Advancing Your Winnings while Playing Online Slot Game Malaysia

It is probably not going to come as an unexpected that online slot game malaysia have developed to get quite possibly the most played gambling casino games in land-based casino, however online too. The interest for such games is faltering to the point that online slot game have gradually begun to push table and card works of art behind the scenes.

Something significant many betting enthusiasts neglect to consider when they get down to betting on online slot is that no methodology, information, or abilities can help them impact the result of the games. This is the case essentially on the grounds that a Random Number Generator directs what blend of images to arrive on the reels when they quit turning.

However long the mind-set takes you to bet on slot game, you ought to likewise recall that the chances of the game are set in such a manner in order to guarantee that the house will perpetually hold the high ground. As we clarified as of now, casino acquire their benefit in slot game actually like with the remainder of the gambling casino games as they basically pay players at rates that are lower than genuine chances.

Not at all like other gambling casino games in which abilities and information assume a critical part as far as winning and losing, this isn’t the situation with online slot game malaysia as there is no hope to improve the probability of getting a payout. As reasonable as not, this may lead betting fans to the topic of how to win while betting on slot game.

Regardless of on the off chance that you are a really challenging or a danger loath slot game sweetheart, it is just normal that you need to get the full advantage out of your betting meeting. Regardless of what we previously said, players need to realize that a portion of the decisions they will make while betting on slot game can assist them with getting the best out of their online slot betting meeting.

Choose Higher Denomination Slots

While looking for a slot game to bet on, betting lovers are prescribed to give exceptional consideration to the games that gloat higher sections. The motivation behind why energetic gambling casino fans ought not avoid playing online slot game that brag higher divisions is that their restitution rates are in the upper finish of the range. This likewise converts into a more modest house edge, which comes to clarify why such games are among the fan-top picks.

As it tends not out of the ordinary, penny slot game are the ones that compensation out the least, while dollar online slot game are the ones that gloat the most elevated RTP. That being said, betting aficionados ought not be had under the effect that they ought to perpetually adhere to dollar slot as all things being equal, while picking an slot game, they ought not disregard their own inclinations for such games. Obviously, the diversion worth of the opening is additionally among the central consideration.

In spite of the fact that slot game with higher groups have higher recompense rates, ardent gambling casino fans ought not allow it to slide that the sums they will be needed to risk will be more prominent. Consequently, this methodology is possibly suggested if the bankroll of players permits them to adhere to it.

Play the Maximum Bet while Betting on Progressive Slots

The prevalence of reformist openings can be effectively supported as such games have carried bonuses to numerous fortunate players. Maybe, you may definitely realize that while betting on such games, a specific cut of the sum you will put on a stake will be added to the consistently developing bonanza.

Moreover, there are numerous slot game that offer multi-level big stakes, which implies that players will be offered the chance to attempt to sack one of the pots that much of the time are an all out three or four.

As it was referenced effectively, to have the full certainty that they will fit the bill for the greatest prize, betting enthusiasts will be needed to put on a stake the most extreme number of coins before they set the reels under way.

Maybe, you may expect that in the event that you neglect to conform to this necessity and the mix required for winning the big stake handles, the prize you will be allowed will recoil significantly.

That being said, there are likewise slot game that are attached with a reformist bonanza, however putting down the most extreme bet permitted is anything but an important necessity to fit the bill for the top prize. In different cases, slot game experts will be provoked to put an extra stake to take their risks to gather the bonanza.

What ought to be considered about online slot game of this sort is that infrequently, such games neglect to give regular payouts. In this way, in the event that you are not happy with the plan to make such significant bets, it very well may be a superior plan to agree to a lower-paying slot game or to such an extent that doesn’t offer a reformist bonanza.

Bet Within Your Budget

In the event that you are hoping to take advantage of your online slot game betting meeting, probably the most ideal approaches to achieve this objective is consistently to keep your stakes inside the spending you have at first drawn up. This doesn’t just include bringing down your bets after a couple of your stakes were wrapped up as losing ones yet in addition to abandon your betting meeting when you reach or win or misfortune limit.

Before they get their betting meeting in progress, betting lovers ought to be arranged that in most of the cases, betting on slot game is an endeavor that will gobble up a portion of their assets.

Probably everything thing betting aficionados can manage in order to get the full advantage out of their online slot game betting meeting is to know their cutoff points and put down their bet on games that befit their bankroll.

To sort out what sum you should set to the side for your betting meeting, you should ensure that the sum does the trick to put 250 bets inside 3 hours.

Basically, betting fans need to figure out how to change their bets relying upon the conditions as though they have begun their betting meeting with a bankroll of RM200, for instance, and have effectively bet away RM100 of them, it very well may be a smart thought to change to penny slot game.

Recall that online slot game dislike a portion of the other casino games accessible out there in which putting down numerous bet or utilizing the moving chances is feasible. With online casino malaysia, players’ odds of winning will perpetually be something similar on each twist of the reels, and executing a betting framework will be vain.

Approach Slowly and carefully

As conceivable as not, one of the recommendations most absolute learners in betting will in general disregard is to begin their slot game betting meeting gradually. Incidentally, the better piece of the casino devotees incorrectly consider that successes will come straight away.

Numerous players are able to put rather humble stakes toward the start of their betting meeting and bit by bit increment the marked sum with the expectation that they will bet huge when they figure out how to score a success.

As was referenced effectively, the probability of gathering a payout will be perpetually something very similar, regardless of on the off chance that you have quite recently begun your betting meeting or you have effectively invested some energy betting. As opposed to what a few players consider, changing your bet sum will no affect the compensation level of the slot game. At the end of the day, the prime to siphon approach stays purposeless when applied to online slot game.

Initiate All Paylines of the Chosen Slot

As we clarified as of now, slot game can have either fixed or movable paylines. What ought to be noted about present day slot is that occasionally, betting on all paylines is an unquestionable requirement so players could get the opportunity to open any of the exceptional highlights the game is outfitted with. It’s a given that in the event that you choose to turn off any of the success lines, you will diminish your odds of entering the extra games and possibly, sacking a weighty prize.

To place it in another manner, ensuring that all success lines of the online slot game are turned on is an absolute necessity in the event that you are hoping to upgrade your odds of getting a payout.

Betting devotees ought to be aware of the way that commonly, multi-line slot that have bunches of extra highlights or extraordinary symbols have lower chances. Considering this, such games are probably going to convey more modest however reliable successes. Fortunately some of the time, despite being fairly unassuming, such successes can add up.