Roulette for Beginner

Roulette for beginner

Roulette for beginner techniques that newbies should know to make a profit 2019

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AFBCASH Online Casino Live Dealer


Roulette for beginner First of all, everyone probably already knows that roulette is a type of gambling. So, that can be seen in casinos Or various casinos, which are considered as one of gambling. Therefore, That has been very popular In casino gambling Deposit, withdraw, no minimum

Roulette gambles in the form of a table. In other words, It is a very old gambling game. Random numbers used by roulette and with the table assigning 37 numbers. From 0 to 36, the device used to play roulette is a wheel. Also, there are numbers on this wheel. For each color, the black and red boxes are equally divided into 18 numbers, and the box with 0 will be counted as the starting point. A ball will be placed in the number and then waiting to dial a random number of baccarat techniques.


Beginners should know How to play roulette to get money. 

How to bet roulette The bets in Roulette are divided. Into many types Which will be different

The high-low bets in roulette will have 36 numbers for us to bet by AFBCASH Malaysia | AFB55 Malaysia online baccarat.

Low number bet (1 to 18) .

High number bet (19 to 36).


Formula Roulette for beginner on formulas roulette tips roulette.

In addition, The color bet, as I explained above, is available in roulette. In addition, there are two colors, red and black.

Black bet has 18 numbers, which are all even numbers.

The red bet has 18 numbers, which is all odd numbers.

Even Bet

Even bet is all even numbers.

Odd bet is all odd numbers.

Zone betting The betting area of the roulette is divided into 3 areas, each area has 12 numbers, divided into


  1. 1 – 12.
  2. 13 – 24.
  3. 25 – 36.

Hunched number betting Hunched number betting Is a bet on numbers that are in succession, except for the 0, such as 25 26 27 28 29 30 etc. The Number also divided into crooked 6, 4,3 and 2 and each crooked number not have the same price.

Humped 6 numbers. Price pays 6 times.

4 numbers, price 9 times

3 numbered numbers, price pay 12 times

Number 2 numbers pay 18 times

Line betting In the roulette table, there are 3 rows to choose from. 12 numbers in each row and with this bet being paid twice


  1. 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 34
  2. 2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 35
  3. 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36

Live Casino Malaysia |

Live Casino Malaysia

How to play roulette to win in Live Casino Malaysia

How to play roulette to win in Live Casino Malaysia for Beginners can do it.

Win Roulette formula for beginners to play How to play roulette to get money.

How to play roulette to win? Currently, there are many formulas. In roulette betting we can find And can be adapted for use To suit own-self.  Which normally We will probably find formulas and techniques from various online channels, right? Whether it’s a gambling website or even Facebook, I still secretly have seen it through my eyes. Today I will present another formula. That can make money for us Which is a step-by-step walkway as follows. How to play AFBCASH Malaysia.

How to play roulette to win By walking for 8 steps

Money step formula 8 steps

  1. The first step or step 1, we bet on 1 unit in each of the 3 rows, then placing 2 points. for example 2-3 to 13-16 with 9 units.
  2. Step 2 Let us bet 2 units in each of the 3 rows and use 6 units to place the Street form, and place the numbers 1-18, place 19 to 36 of 5 units.
  3. Step 3. Players must bet 4 units in all 3 rows according to With 12 street units and 36 standalone units and 10 units 19 Serial 36.
  4. Stage 4, we bet 8 units of three rows with 24 units and 72 units of Street Elkodd. Followed by ten units 19 through 36.
  5. Step 5 Let us bet 16 units on all 3 rows, placing 48 money in the street and 144 in the favorite, followed by 40 in the 19 to 36.
  6. Step 6: Place bets of 32 units on all 3 rows, choosing to place 96 units on Street and 144 units with 2 doubles and 144 units with another 80 units.
  7. Let players bet on 32 units both Three rows, 96 units, down as Street 144, double down 2, and place 144 numbers.
  8. Finally, players bet 32 ​​units on all 3 rows, with 96 more being divided into Street and another 144 units as period. 2 and the other is called Child to another 144 units.

The best roulette techniques to play Roulette recipes for beginners

This formula may cause some newbie players to confuse free credit. Which may not be suitable for new players but suitable for people who are familiar with betting for a while. The most important is choosing to bet on quality gambling websites such as AFBCASH Malaysia, the # #1 Online Gambling Website Malaysia
that has the most traffic from players And also has a minimum minimum bet as well. Just RM 10.

Online Gaming Malaysia |

Online Gaming Malaysia / How to bet baccarat cards for a profit

AFBCASH Mobile Game Malaysia
AFBCASH Mobile Game Malaysia

How to bet online baccarat cards for profit Easiest way in 2019

How to bet online baccarat cards for profit Baccarat Water is a type of online gaming Malaysia. That resembles playing bouncy Pok By playing baccarat Will deal 2 cards to the players, that is P (player) and b (banker), which will pay 2 cards each side alternately to complete 2 cards. And the 3rd card will be dealt with. The first 2 cards of both sides are equal. According to the rules, the 3rd card will be decided Minimum 50 Slots

Judging Baccarat is not difficult. Just if either party Can only get the most, but less than 9, that side will win As for us, we only must guess that P or B will win. Today we will teach techniques. Or tips for making money in Baccarat Baby bets can be used for real.

Formula to bet to rich on online gambling Malaysia

  1. Step thrust This formula will be compounding. With a limited number of steps Which compounded will be a compounded capital By adding from the first eye bet Found up to 1-time step by step, which will compound not more than 4-5 rounds in order not to lose the very high amount. Or sometimes, maybe specified in 2 steps only depending on the assets
  1.  This alternate betting bet will look at the previous game results. When the results show that there are not many long dragon cards (cards that are one out repeatedly) but are alternating back and forth For the bettor to use the opposite side bet After the monks and the fruit
  1. Changing side bets If an alternate win occurs In this way, it is likely that More likely to be a long dragon card, more often when we bet on the player’s side But the B side wins in this case, let us change the side immediately
  1. Pierce the same side forever This method is suitable for people who do not want to think a lot. Using compounding funds only How to bet baccarat to make a profit

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Bet on AFBCASH Malaysia, the # 1 Online Gambling Website Malaysia with many casino games Which is true from the top 3 live casinos, including w88 SA Gaming and gold Deluxe, all of which are top formula casinos. There are also many slots games. That the jackpot breaks most often, week by week There are also sports. That can be bet on match-by-round, round to round And more than that Every betting game A minimum bet of only 10 baht is allowed. The player will receive a 0.5% commission charge for every bet placed.

Winning for Roulette |

Roulette winning formula The best analytical techniques to do is get rich 2019

The success formula winning for roulette can be enriched every day. There are many different technologies for uploading to social media for us to choose to learn and apply. Betting formulas in roulette can be used and earn real money. In this article will introduce a lot of formulas. Let’s see what should not be done in step betting.

AFBCASH Online Casino Live Dealer

Winning for roulette

Formula 1: The best roulette technique to play

This formula will focus on the numbers bet. Which must bet on numbers in a distributed form Which must be distributed as much as possible Dooya must select a total of 25 numbers from 37 numbers and bet RM 50 each. The initial cost will be RM 1250. If you correctly guess 1 number, you will get RM 1800 money minus the cost. There will be RM 550 profit and then take The remaining capital will be further expanded.

Formula 2: Roulette formula for beginners

This formula is known as the James Bond formula. It will cost 2 thousand ringgit. The bet divided as Place a high bet of RM 1400 (numbers 19 – 36), staggering 6 numbers, RM 500 (numbers 13-18) and finally, stabbing. Zero number RM 100. If correctly guessed, if the iron ball falls at the numbers 19 – 36, we will profit RM 800. If falling 13 – 18 will get a RM 100 profit. Which is a simple profit of RM 1,600. If the iron ball falls to 1 – 12, our capital will be lost.

Formula 3: How to play roulette to make money

Focus on the edge of the table Because edge numbers will come out very often, but just getting the bet amount is not equal to the middlebox

Formula 4: Board for placing bets on roulette games

Roulette winning formula This formula is the final formula Which will be suitable only for heavy bag people Which if any gambler applies this formula In playing baccarat I want to say that this formula is the fastest because the simplest is that this formula will be Make more investment plans by using this formula Will be compounded from the lost capital

Which this formula will be used only when the bettor Would like to get the capital back From the previous loss In a very easy way Just the bettor will have to increase the funds to bet. When losing the first eye Will increase in the next eye to double. How to apply AFBCASH Malaysia 

A minimum bet of RM 10 with AFBCASH Malaysia returns a commission of 0.5% for every bet placed, withdrawal and withdrawal services. Without limit And there is no minimum 2-hour limit.

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Apply AFBCASH Online Live Casino Malaysia The best gambling website in Malaysia

How good would it be if we could only make money by members, only playing 10-20 minutes? Play on all mobile phones, whether android or iOS, regardless of which model Or where You can play on mobile casino Malaysia AFBCash, only playing for a few minutes a day. Have money to spend for a long time

Online baccarat game Malaysia

AFBCash Casino Online Baccarat is another featured feature of our website, easy to play. We have a history to tell you about what the last card was played in will help you to make the right decision about what will be the next turn. How are the cards, how to decide?

Today we will tell you how to play a little to use in deciding on the divide. Online baccarat may have many formulas or even programs for playing online baccarat, there are many, but today we will tell you a simple formula without using the formula.

First, before playing We should choose a playroom. At the counter, not more than 2-4 in the exit and that room should be played, then not less than 20% of us in the room

For example, count cards out BBB P BB PPP BP

If this design card Our play is to follow the card. For example, as you can see, if I were to go to the blue because of our card count, it’s not the last one. It can go blue. But you have to study in the room better. AFBCASH  Try to study and watch often. Playing along with the counties indefinitely

See that playing AFBCASH Online Baccarat Not as difficult as the thought

How to apply for AFBCASH

  • Can send information to our call centre straight away
  • We will have a call centre to serve you 24 hours, whether deposit – withdraw – transfer – pay. The team will complete the transaction within 1 minute.
  • Enter to enjoy betting using only one AFBCASH website. You can play everything. AFBCASH Deposit, Withdrawal, No Minimum
AFBCASH Trusted Online Casino
AFBCASH Trusted Online Casino


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Mobile Game AFBCASH

Solution for Online Football betting problems – AFBCASH Malaysia on Mobile, such as having a ball pair started playing. But you’re not on the computer screen You are not able to bet on the ball you want on time. This problem will go away. You just have to surf our website with the  AFBCASH Malaysia website because our website can Online Football betting on mobile devices in both Android and IOS systems. There are also many betting categories, such as football betting, boxing, AFBCASH, online casinos, casinos, etc. Online Casino Game Malaysia.


A website focusing on services Online Casino Game Malaysia

AFBCASH with excellent service From a professional team To serve customers in a variety of issues, whether it is a problem – How have issues or problems playing various customers can contact Customer Service 24 hours a day. This is the case for any AP.

On mobile:- AFBCASH on mobile is the number 1 Online Football Betting Website in Malaysia

AFBCASH Online Casino Game Malaysia
AFBCASH Online Casino Game Malaysia

Because of the matter that Regardless of the deposit – withdrawal, there is no minimum, plus it’s also fast enough to complete the transaction. In less than 1 minute and our website is an off-site website with a server Live abroad, a direct website, not through agents Customers do not have to worry about cheating, because it never happened. How to apply Afbcash.

Advantages of AFBCASH Mobile Deposit – Withdraw Fastest

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AFBCASH Online Casino Slot Game

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