Roulette for Beginner

Roulette for beginner

Roulette for beginner techniques that newbies should know to make a profit 2019

AFBCASH Online Casino Live Dealer
AFBCASH Online Casino Live Dealer


Roulette for beginner First of all, everyone probably already knows that roulette is a type of gambling. So, that can be seen in casinos Or various casinos, which are considered as one of gambling. Therefore, That has been very popular In casino gambling Deposit, withdraw, no minimum

Roulette gambles in the form of a table. In other words, It is a very old gambling game. Random numbers used by roulette and with the table assigning 37 numbers. From 0 to 36, the device used to play roulette is a wheel. Also, there are numbers on this wheel. For each color, the black and red boxes are equally divided into 18 numbers, and the box with 0 will be counted as the starting point. A ball will be placed in the number and then waiting to dial a random number of baccarat techniques.


Beginners should know How to play roulette to get money. 

How to bet roulette The bets in Roulette are divided. Into many types Which will be different

The high-low bets in roulette will have 36 numbers for us to bet by AFBCASH Malaysia | AFB55 Malaysia online baccarat.

Low number bet (1 to 18) .

High number bet (19 to 36).


Formula Roulette for beginner on formulas roulette tips roulette.

In addition, The color bet, as I explained above, is available in roulette. In addition, there are two colors, red and black.

Black bet has 18 numbers, which are all even numbers.

The red bet has 18 numbers, which is all odd numbers.

Even Bet

Even bet is all even numbers.

Odd bet is all odd numbers.

Zone betting The betting area of the roulette is divided into 3 areas, each area has 12 numbers, divided into


  1. 1 – 12.
  2. 13 – 24.
  3. 25 – 36.

Hunched number betting Hunched number betting Is a bet on numbers that are in succession, except for the 0, such as 25 26 27 28 29 30 etc. The Number also divided into crooked 6, 4,3 and 2 and each crooked number not have the same price.

Humped 6 numbers. Price pays 6 times.

4 numbers, price 9 times

3 numbered numbers, price pay 12 times

Number 2 numbers pay 18 times

Line betting In the roulette table, there are 3 rows to choose from. 12 numbers in each row and with this bet being paid twice


  1. 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 34
  2. 2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 35
  3. 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36

What is 1 × 2 ball? |

What is 1 × 2 ball?

What is 1 × 2 ball? Play and really rich or not.

AFBCASH Malaysia The best online betting
AFBCASH Malaysia The best online betting Website

What is a 1 × 2 ball? Many people already know that Online Betting Malaysia In these days There are many forms. What I’m going to talk about is In football betting games there are so many forms. Until I was still confused at first, so today I will introduce everyone to know about 1 times 2 for everyone to get to know each other. I believe that many people still do not know. What is what I only know very much. Probably the most well known is single ball and set ball. Let’s see how to bet.

Formulas for analyzing 1 × 2 balls that make real money 2019

1 x 2 type football betting is a bet on one type of refusal game. The prediction of winning or losing has always been determined which form can be placed on the website and will open three price options to play with the bet which will have the home team, away team price and tie price.

1.Is to predict whether the home team will win

× is the prediction that both will be tied in that game.

2.Is to predict the visiting team to win

1 × 2 ball advantage

  1. The odds of the secondary team are large because they are seen as having poor performance in the game.
  2. An Odd bet will always get more money than other bets.
  3. The risk rate is less than football.
  4. Easy to analyze because there is no bet per point, only looking at the winning results.
  5. A half time bet can be divided.

Disadvantages of the ball 1 × 2

  1. If betting on the team, you will get less money Not worth the investment

1 × 2 football betting trick with the best betting sites like AFBCASH Malaysia.

To bet on the ball that has the score behind, turn it over to win a minimum bet of RM 125, but with the remaining 15 minutes at the end of the game, however, that half can happen. As much as equal to investing RM 125 to get the money back in the tens of thousands. How to apply AFBCASH Malaysia | AFB55 Malaysia.

Betting on the center of a trusted online gambling site with AFBCASH Malaysia | AFB55 Malaysia comes from the most better online gambling network circle. We can only bet at least RM 10, whether it is a sports game or a casino game or a slot machine game, it is RM 10 is considered very Cheap and very suitable place to try the formula there is live football for us to choose. With the statistical table, each team’s winning or losing result allows us to get the required items before betting. And also offers cash withdrawal services There is no minimum amount and there is no 24 hour limit.

Online Gambling Agents |

Online Gambling Agents

What is the Online Gambling Agents? Why do Online Gambling Websites Malaysia have agents?

Apply for an Online Gambling Agents or bet on football. Dare to say that this is a popular betting game now. It was even popular in the past before betting through online gambling. Today we will trace the betting method from the past to the present. Bet, apply for membership.

In the past, we bet on football matches. There will be a bet on the table. Of course, this is also a very risky bet in Malaysia, because gambling is still considered illegal in this country.

The next step is through agent betting, which is a bet placed by the broker. No bet, no table, no identity, this is a very high risk. In order to be deceived because there is no fixed place to find if you are cheated, it is a waste of money. By betting with agents, you must find that you are truly trustworthy. It is safe and reliable.

Really apply for the agency or not?

Entering the final ranking is currently the most popular form of betting, ie betting through an online gambling site, which is considered the safest way than the above 2 channels, as it is a direct betting site for foreign law not wild internet crows and payment true money.

Bet Malaysia AFBCASH Malaysia , Asia’s number one online gambling site with a best price of RM 4 and you can bet at least RM 10. There are betting games to choose from and it just adjusted bets start with 2 pairs. There are also have 24-hour deposit and withdrawal services for competing competition statistics before betting. Therefore, the transaction is completed as soon as possible, unlimited within 1 minute, in addition, the number of direct transactions no need to apply for an agent. After that, convince customers that there is no way to be deceived.

Apply for agency With online betting, AFBCASH Malaysia guarantees that you will have the highest share.

  1. Receive the most rewards for all other commissions X 3
  2. The initial minimum deposit of 20% of the total credit. Minimum initial limit 25,000
  3. Choose to use both the sport and the online casino.
  4. Deposit – withdraw money 24 hours.

Live Casino Malaysia |

Live Casino Malaysia

How to play roulette to win in Live Casino Malaysia

How to play roulette to win in Live Casino Malaysia for Beginners can do it.

Win Roulette formula for beginners to play How to play roulette to get money.

How to play roulette to win? Currently, there are many formulas. In roulette betting we can find And can be adapted for use To suit own-self.  Which normally We will probably find formulas and techniques from various online channels, right? Whether it’s a gambling website or even Facebook, I still secretly have seen it through my eyes. Today I will present another formula. That can make money for us Which is a step-by-step walkway as follows. How to play AFBCASH Malaysia.

How to play roulette to win By walking for 8 steps

Money step formula 8 steps

  1. The first step or step 1, we bet on 1 unit in each of the 3 rows, then placing 2 points. for example 2-3 to 13-16 with 9 units.
  2. Step 2 Let us bet 2 units in each of the 3 rows and use 6 units to place the Street form, and place the numbers 1-18, place 19 to 36 of 5 units.
  3. Step 3. Players must bet 4 units in all 3 rows according to With 12 street units and 36 standalone units and 10 units 19 Serial 36.
  4. Stage 4, we bet 8 units of three rows with 24 units and 72 units of Street Elkodd. Followed by ten units 19 through 36.
  5. Step 5 Let us bet 16 units on all 3 rows, placing 48 money in the street and 144 in the favorite, followed by 40 in the 19 to 36.
  6. Step 6: Place bets of 32 units on all 3 rows, choosing to place 96 units on Street and 144 units with 2 doubles and 144 units with another 80 units.
  7. Let players bet on 32 units both Three rows, 96 units, down as Street 144, double down 2, and place 144 numbers.
  8. Finally, players bet 32 ​​units on all 3 rows, with 96 more being divided into Street and another 144 units as period. 2 and the other is called Child to another 144 units.

The best roulette techniques to play Roulette recipes for beginners

This formula may cause some newbie players to confuse free credit. Which may not be suitable for new players but suitable for people who are familiar with betting for a while. The most important is choosing to bet on quality gambling websites such as AFBCASH Malaysia, the # #1 Online Gambling Website Malaysia
that has the most traffic from players And also has a minimum minimum bet as well. Just RM 10.

Football Odds Flow |

How to see the football odds flow

How to see the football odds flow Techniques to see football odds flowing like experts


How to see the football odds flow.

Odds flow is a term for football betting. Basic online gamblers Or love to bet, newbie should know Because this is a very basic matter. The football odds used in Online Football Betting Malaysia where the flow price will be Constantly changing, both before the race And during the match by showing the advantages and disadvantages of the game And we will have a lot of advantages as well If we can understand The ball flows correctly. The opportunity for us to choose the winning team Will increase even more.

The method of looking at football odds is easy. In which the red arrow position is the price flowing down Which is the duty of students Bets that must be observed that The odds flowed out in the morning or before that. And then we have to compare Compared to football odds that Is the ball odds before kicking the same?

Which in most cases the odds The ball will flow approximately 1 hour before the start of the match. Where it began to flow because People are starting to stab each other. By allowing us to observe the children Green arrow or the price will rise carefully That is how the website pays more. But if the price goes down, it is The website pays less.


How many types of ball prices do you have to win?

The flow ball odds are generally two types, that is, the odds of the price of water.
1. Bargain odds : This odds will not flow much. But there may be some cases in pairs with many people playing.
2. Water odds : Water odds is the website that may reduce or increase water odds . In that bargain price

A little trick to see professional football odds

I suggest to replace the team Continue with the odds flowing down because After we read this article, we Should be able to see the water odds to a certain extent Which if on the web Adjust the water price up Adjusting the water odds increase shows that The website is confident that if adding And will not lose money

However Choosing an online gambling website that offers good odds also plays an important part in betting. And affect the odds flow as well. Bet on AFBCASH Malaysia The # 1 Malaysia Online Gambling Website that is a direct website, no need to apply through an agent. To make customers confident. Leiya will not Certainly cheated Comes with an automatic cash-withdraw service via the web page with no limit and no minimum

Causing customers to use the service With the website, we have received More convenient.
1. Minimum bet with AFBCASH Malaysia. is only RM 10.
2. Return commission 0.5% for every bet amount
3. Best ball odds prediction

Online Gaming Malaysia |

Online Gaming Malaysia / How to bet baccarat cards for a profit

AFBCASH Mobile Game Malaysia
AFBCASH Mobile Game Malaysia

How to bet online baccarat cards for profit Easiest way in 2019

How to bet online baccarat cards for profit Baccarat Water is a type of online gaming Malaysia. That resembles playing bouncy Pok By playing baccarat Will deal 2 cards to the players, that is P (player) and b (banker), which will pay 2 cards each side alternately to complete 2 cards. And the 3rd card will be dealt with. The first 2 cards of both sides are equal. According to the rules, the 3rd card will be decided Minimum 50 Slots

Judging Baccarat is not difficult. Just if either party Can only get the most, but less than 9, that side will win As for us, we only must guess that P or B will win. Today we will teach techniques. Or tips for making money in Baccarat Baby bets can be used for real.

Formula to bet to rich on online gambling Malaysia

  1. Step thrust This formula will be compounding. With a limited number of steps Which compounded will be a compounded capital By adding from the first eye bet Found up to 1-time step by step, which will compound not more than 4-5 rounds in order not to lose the very high amount. Or sometimes, maybe specified in 2 steps only depending on the assets
  1.  This alternate betting bet will look at the previous game results. When the results show that there are not many long dragon cards (cards that are one out repeatedly) but are alternating back and forth For the bettor to use the opposite side bet After the monks and the fruit
  1. Changing side bets If an alternate win occurs In this way, it is likely that More likely to be a long dragon card, more often when we bet on the player’s side But the B side wins in this case, let us change the side immediately
  1. Pierce the same side forever This method is suitable for people who do not want to think a lot. Using compounding funds only How to bet baccarat to make a profit

AFBCASH, Online Casino Malaysia, easy to play, fast transfer
Bet on AFBCASH Malaysia, the # 1 Online Gambling Website Malaysia with many casino games Which is true from the top 3 live casinos, including w88 SA Gaming and gold Deluxe, all of which are top formula casinos. There are also many slots games. That the jackpot breaks most often, week by week There are also sports. That can be bet on match-by-round, round to round And more than that Every betting game A minimum bet of only 10 baht is allowed. The player will receive a 0.5% commission charge for every bet placed.

Sportsbook Malaysia |


Specific Football Terminology/terms used for football betting you should know.

In football terminology, Football Betting Malaysia is becoming easier to access. Understanding of football betting from outsiders who are not familiar with this industry tends to think that it is not complicated. But actually, there are still other terms that newbie players Should be studied For the time of betting Will get to be much easier By returning only in this type of betting game There is not much time to understand. 10 minutes, the player can enter the field. The terminology that we will talk about is as follows.

Football terms commonly used In Online Betting 2019

  1. Handicap means betting to place a ball with the odds. Which will have the next team and the secondary team, betting, football,  formulas, making money, roulette, walking money, 8 steps
  2.  Under or Over-Under means betting to predict the total score. Whether to come out as high or low
  3.  Odd / Even. Oddly means the total score. Whether to come out even or odd numbers
  4. Half time / full-time FH / FT means 45 minutes half-time betting or 90 minutes of full-time betting.
  5. Money line ML means betting to predict the outcome of a match, 1 x 2, in which one means that the home team wins. X means draw. 2 means the away team wins.
  6.  Early Market is pre-betting. By choosing to bet on the team that will compete tomorrow Or the next day
  7. Total Goal or GL means the total number of goals scored in a match. If matched with the bet, then receive large prize money immediately If not correct then lose the bet
  8.  Double chance is a 2-ball bet with two options. 1x = Home win or Draw 1 2 = Home win away team Win x 2 = Draw result and Away win
  9. First Goal / Last Goal or FG / LG is the determine which team will score the first goal, last goal or no goal at all.
  10.  Outright is the prediction of which team will win the tournament.

Bet with AFBCASH Malaysia. The number one online sportsbook Malaysia site with a minimum bet of only RM10 is suitable for use as a trial formula. Includes 24-hour withdrawals, no minimum and no restrictions.

Online Slots Malaysia |

No deposit minimum slots.

Online Slots Malaysia Deposit – withdraw No minimum 24 hours service

AFBCASH Online Slots Malaysia
AFBCASH Online Casino Game Malaysia


AFBCASH Malaysia Malaysia’s number one online slot, online casino Online Baccarat Waiting for service 24 hours, no deposit, no minimum withdrawal – How the pages in 1 minute and 24-hour security, most web Football Cup Series Ball Step Techniques Baccarat. Roulette for beginners, professional formula.

Single ball betting in the style of Online Football Betting Malaysia | AFBCASH Malaysia

For football betting online. There are various playing styles. Many for us to play. Variety Which is a format that various websites Provided to meet the needs. For players or members On a particular website In the style of play Which is the most popular One of them is single ball betting. For this form of one-way ball Especially playing With the web which is becoming popular Many today. Is a play that players
To trust especially When using services with the number 1 quality website in the world, give away free credits.

Online casino web casino. The minimum deposit is RM 50.

It’s quite difficult to play. There is a style of play. That can give us some Some waste for playing. Of course most Naturally That many people tend to stab Followed by lack of analysis. Online Slots have no minimum deposit depth Causing players to bet on football Aside mistakes but in part Of the website is still underway Service type. Football betting Variety Many more as always. Deposit slots, minimum RM 50.

While many other players Still go ahead with the competition. The same day With lack of analysis Deep information Because the form of single ball betting Is a single bet So we can choose Stab at random Send, send without using Much analysis Therefore called lazy To sit and analyze. That ball anyway Minimum deposit slot RM 100.

Online Gambling Slots to play and get real money 2019

Single ball play To be effective, playing only 1 team of football a day makes us Have a chance to win up to 50 per cent by playing In equal amounts each day Like today, want to play RM 200, the next day to play 200 online slots with a minimum of RM 50 as usual, but for this formula Who will choose to play Must also be confident that Chance to win Each day With a high certainty that Inevitably creates opportunities That comes from analysis Our football itself Apply to play online slots. No minimum.

In football betting online To get more winning results, Of course, the need to increase the number of bets. For example, playing 3 teams a day will give you a chance to win. Up to 60% per day, with each day As well, let us make a payment or Bet on football using the same amount of money. And in the same reason and principle Yes, you will have to play in this format based on Of hundred per cent confidence That the team that you bet wins This type of football betting is an important part that allows us to make a substantial income if we bet right.

AFBCASH Best Online Casino Sites 2019

In which the master has played and found that the first form of substitution is one day, the team may Make us lose money on investments, more than 3 teams per day to bet with, so even then, to play even though we may have to choose a minimum of 3 teams per day, etc. Although the investment will be used. Each time more, but can say that On the day we stabbed it will be able to return the entire cost. And profits for us gracefully

Online Gambling Slots Like giving the atmosphere in which to play Really in the casino Many people would like to know the advantages Of playing online slots games Aside from online slots games that will provide a fun, excitement Also can make money With online slots games as well And the slots games still have a lot of advantages in their games.

Latest Update on 5 October 2020.

Football Betting Malaysia |

Things that should not be done in Football Betting Malaysia.

The prohibition of football if mistakes are unlucky


AFBCASH Malaysia football betting malaysia
AFBCASH Malaysia The best online betting

Taboos of football step, Football Betting Malaysia is still popular. Because football betting can reach people in modern times That is not even illegal at all, because some people choose to gamble for fun without thinking of betting for real money. Or even bet with real money Our law is not that strong. Make it difficult In order to prohibit people from betting in football No deposit minimum slots.

There are many forms of betting to bet on, mainly 3 types: single ball, set ball or high or low ball. This three type is everyone probably knows that. Football series Is the protagonist of the ball Because it is very popular nowadays.

What are football step and football matches? 

Parlay or Football Step is a bet on football matches. One of the bills must be placed in more than one pair by betting on the result of winning or losing. Usually, the dealer will accept 2 or more steps to bet. By betting on this type of ball, it is popular because the main reason is that the investment is small and the profit is large, depending on the price of the stabbed ball pair and the number of ball pairs that have been placed. How to apply for AFBCASH Malaysia.

  • Ball sets 
  • Less investment 
  • Huge profits 

However, even if the sleeve or the ball is very popular because of the small investment, how much profit is it earned? Of course, you must exchange more risks frequently. Because the more we have a lot of bets, the more chances we have guessed. The risk of losing a bill varies depending on the number of balls on the bill. How to see the score – high – low.

The risks of Football Betting to avoid
!! How many pairs of football balls are in? Only greater risk !!

Careless, careless that is The gambler is complacent. In Football Betting Malaysia too much Without analyzing the ball Precisely first Like a tattoo, but which may make losses by reason of greed

Because of greed that wants to earn a lot of profits May make more players bet on multiple pairs Which may cause There is a risk of the bill losing. Or the percentage of losses that will increase on that bill, which is the safest way Is that the bettor Choose to bet a small amount, about 2-5 pairs per bill by finding a pair with a very high price. Instead of betting on multiple pairs, which, if that means, will make the bettor more profitable While also reducing the risk In which the bill will lose Or loss to a certain extent as well.

Bet Football Now

Latest Update on 5 October 2020.

Winning for Roulette |

Roulette winning formula The best analytical techniques to do is get rich 2019

The success formula winning for roulette can be enriched every day. There are many different technologies for uploading to social media for us to choose to learn and apply. Betting formulas in roulette can be used and earn real money. In this article will introduce a lot of formulas. Let’s see what should not be done in step betting.

AFBCASH Online Casino Live Dealer

Winning for roulette

Formula 1: The best roulette technique to play

This formula will focus on the numbers bet. Which must bet on numbers in a distributed form Which must be distributed as much as possible Dooya must select a total of 25 numbers from 37 numbers and bet RM 50 each. The initial cost will be RM 1250. If you correctly guess 1 number, you will get RM 1800 money minus the cost. There will be RM 550 profit and then take The remaining capital will be further expanded.

Formula 2: Roulette formula for beginners

This formula is known as the James Bond formula. It will cost 2 thousand ringgit. The bet divided as Place a high bet of RM 1400 (numbers 19 – 36), staggering 6 numbers, RM 500 (numbers 13-18) and finally, stabbing. Zero number RM 100. If correctly guessed, if the iron ball falls at the numbers 19 – 36, we will profit RM 800. If falling 13 – 18 will get a RM 100 profit. Which is a simple profit of RM 1,600. If the iron ball falls to 1 – 12, our capital will be lost.

Formula 3: How to play roulette to make money

Focus on the edge of the table Because edge numbers will come out very often, but just getting the bet amount is not equal to the middlebox

Formula 4: Board for placing bets on roulette games

Roulette winning formula This formula is the final formula Which will be suitable only for heavy bag people Which if any gambler applies this formula In playing baccarat I want to say that this formula is the fastest because the simplest is that this formula will be Make more investment plans by using this formula Will be compounded from the lost capital

Which this formula will be used only when the bettor Would like to get the capital back From the previous loss In a very easy way Just the bettor will have to increase the funds to bet. When losing the first eye Will increase in the next eye to double. How to apply AFBCASH Malaysia 

A minimum bet of RM 10 with AFBCASH Malaysia returns a commission of 0.5% for every bet placed, withdrawal and withdrawal services. Without limit And there is no minimum 2-hour limit.